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Gigashad Glitter Bågen 24cm

  • 129 SEK

The Gigashad 24cm is a finely tuned rubber bait weighing only 65g, made to deliver a captivating rocking motion that is irresistible to large pike.

The product is unfortunately out of stock.


Introducing the Ulm Lures Gigashad 24cm, part of the Gigashad family which also includes sizes for pike fishing ranging from 20cm up to 33cm. Gigashad 24cm is a finely tuned rubber bait weighing a mere 65g, expertly crafted to deliver a captivating rocking action that's irresistible to big pike.

Each Gigashad is meticulously hand cast and hand painted with precision in Norrköping, Sweden, ensuring top-notch quality and attention to detail in every lure.

This versatile lure exhibits a unique waddling action and performs exceptionally well even on the drop. Its adaptability shines through as it seamlessly doubles as a trailer for various setups like the Miuras Mouse, the Mustache Rig or an Instant Spinner Rig, offering anglers the flexibility to adjust bait size or behavior as needed.

Experience the artistry and precision of the Gigashad, where every cast holds the promise of landing your next prized catch.